Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Now available: quad throttle manifolds to suit 3SGE Beams engines

We are happy to announce that these custom billet manifolds are now available. Designing from the beginning to have many advantages over any other product yet at still only for a minimal price. 

One aspect in particular that was focused on was the port match on both faces and the transition between them. Too many products out there have steps, hard corners, mismatched shapes or harsh angles. To combat this these where only ever made to suit the 20V 4AGE Blacktop throttles. Despite the earlier two silvertop throttle types having a very easy to work with round opening they are just too small for this type of engine. With many hours using a laser profiling equipment the odd shape of the blacktop throttle was found and used in the model. More on this below.

Below are the key advantages to this type manifold

- Machined out of an aluminium billet: Although making a good manifold with a casting progress is common, most small volume manifolds seem to have a poor finish with a questionable port match. One other product on the market is not advertised as so but is made from black plastic.

- Requires no custom modifications to bolt up: Affixes to the OEM intake manifold vibration dampener and base piece with the original fasteners. All without the need to remove them off the engine, just unbolt the original intake manifold and fit this custom part in it's place.

- Provision and option of throttle locating dowels. Just like in their original use on the 20V engines dowels can be used so the throttles sit dead true without any alignment. These are fitted with a press so they can't fall out by accident ever. The dowels are available as an optional extra.

- Port match: below are pictures showing the port match from the throttle to this manifold and from it to the OEM vibration dampener.

- Port transitions: As seen in the photos the internal port transitions are to a high finish. Instead using fixed cuts to attempt a transition between the two leaving steps and edges these where instead machined across the whole length at once with a 5-axis operation. The result has no compromises and no downsides.

- Throttle orientation and linkages: it seems that not one other 3sge manifold can use the combination of the throttles bolted the correct way up and with the original linkages in place. Using the throttle in the same lay out as on the 20V engines means that the throttle cable doesn't make a harsh S-shape to go into the cabin which can make for a firm and unresponsive pedal. This also means for AE71 and AE86 owners that the common KE70 throttle cable will fit nicely- just like with 20V conversions. No custom throttle linkages are required either but these where altered to suit either of the two types that will be available from this company very soon if people still to choose the option of it.

- Vacuum provision: on the bottom of this manifold are individual ports for each cylinder  to use for a MAP signal and a single larger barb for a brake booster. Both barbs and plugs will be included in the price so people can make their own choice. The small vacuum ports are a generous 6mm (1/4") size and 10mm (3/8") for the booster. Other barb sizes are in stock and are available on request. Vacuum manifolds may be available shortly to suit.

- Light weight: With material only where it needs to be and everything else taken off not only do these have the race look but are only 850 grams before anything is added. But don't worry it would take a hydraulic press to bend one!

- Dual TPS position: A small but still nice feature is the ability to but the TPS module in the original position of upside down, the latter option allowing the cables to be routed under the throttles for an ultra neat look.

Prices are listed below

- Manifold with fasteners, barbs and plugs: $340 - promotional price until the end of the year. 
- Throttle locating dowels: $20
- 90 degree OEM PCV: $40 - new and genuine

Other compatible products for sale

- Various velocity stacks: $varies on type and length
- Various intake plates for singular filters: $60

- Manifold to throttle gaskets: $20 / set of 4
- New Genuine TPS module: $110
- New TPS connector kit: $10

Additional photos

Many more products for these engines are being developed!


  1. Hey guys myself and a friend of mine were wondering if there is any thought on making some 50mm throttle bodies and adjusting the manifold slightly to suit? We have plans on running high compression 2.2L stroker kits and both feel the 45mm black tops might be a bit small and would rather spend the money in Aus then on the much more expensive toda units in japan.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Matt,

      Having our own range of custom throttle bodies is planned but not for some time. If released then it's rather unlikely that this manifold would be modified to suit them but instead be a new design to avoid any compromises. There are some other products in the works which are much closer and are likely to appeal to you but it's best to talk via email: