Monday, 2 June 2014

Potential future product - Universal 16V 4AGE Rear water outlet

Below is a 3D model of product that may be released in approximately two months if it's design and the machining cost are both proven to be good.

3D model of how this would be used with fittings and sensors

Suits: All 16V 4AGE engines

Problems with the original part: Between the different models of 16V engines there are three different water outlets that bolt to the back of the head. One of them is very bulky which isn't usable in small engine bays and all have a integral pipe out one side for the heater.

Even when using one of the OEM outlets work these can be over 30 years old and are no longer available new. With a steel pipe these are almost never in good condition.

New product specifications: This upgrade part here suits the same sensors but is thinner and designed to be a more universal alternative. Apart from the thickness and barb options this also has the advantage of using a O-ring to seal against the head instead of a gasket.

Barb options: In either side of this housing there will be a common thread size tapped, this lets people wind in and out what they like to suit their needs and change at any time. Here are some examples of what people can choose below.

- Right hand barb + plug: Suits your rear wheel 80s Corollas and Sprinters with the heater still in place

- Left hand barb + plug: Some cars such as the earlier Corollas don't have an external heater flow tap and need the water going in the other direction to usual. This saves using an ugly and problematic U-shaped hose.

- No barbs with both sides plugged: The easy way out for those who don't want a heater. Of note a heater core feed should never be bypassed as this becomes an effective radiator bypass, instead it should be blocked. With two plugs this outlet won't even be visible from the engine bay.

- Unusual options: There are other handy possibilities such as a right hand heater outlet and a left hand water feed for the cooling of a turbo's core. This provides a very neat and simple solution. A double barb for a heater and a riser tank or any other option people need. Different barb sizes will be available on purchase.

Predicted price: Yet to be determined, aiming for under $100 including new bolts and O-ring.

Additional photos:

Possible recessed bolt option, feedback wanted

Front view with right hand barb option

Rear view showing O-ring slot

Questions and Suggestions welcome

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